How to Fix a Leaking Faucet

Learning how to fix a leaking faucet is very useful. It can save you a lot of money, a lot of worries, a lot of headaches, which a faucet drip always brings. Repairing a leak in your faucet can be accomplished in a do-it-yourself manner. What is important is that you have an understanding about how faucet actually works and what tools you will need to finish such a project.

What You Will Need

For dripping compression faucet or that type which has a washer, you will need to open the faucet handles and get to the bottom of the problem. To do that, you must be equipped with a couple of tools like a screwdriver and an adjustable wrench, which are usually lying in your toolbox.

You will also need replacement washers since a leak can almost always be due to a worn and torn old washer. If you have no idea how the washer in your faucet looks like and what kind of replacement washers to buy, you may want to wait until you are able to disassemble your faucet and get the old washer. To be sure rather than make a purchase mistake, you should bring your old washer with you to the hardware store.

What To Do

First and foremost, you need to shut off the water supply. In some households, an on/off switch can be located underneath. If you cannot find a nearby switch valve, you will have no choice but to go to the main switch and turn off the water supply for the entire household. Don’t worry because this kind of problem is usually solved in a couple of minutes. You and your family members need not to suffer for long.

Secondly, you need to remove the faucet handle. It does not matter if your faucet has separate handles for hot and coldwater or just one main handle. You can find screws beneath the handle, which you need to loosen to take off the faucet handle.

Next up, you need to remove the packing nut using either an adjustable wrench or a set of pliers. If you are afraid that you will scar the finish, use some electrical tape wrapped around the wrench or pliers, making sure that they can still work with one.

After removing the stem, you will see the washer. Remove the old washer. Using a screwdriver, loosen the screw that holds the washer.

Put an exact washer replacement then put back the faucet together, the same way you have disassembled it.

Test your faucet for any leaks by turning on the water supply and turning on the faucet for 30 seconds.

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