Hardwood Floor Nailer

For any do-it-yourself enthusiast, having the right power tools is essential in making any type of project easier to accomplish. If you have hardwood flooring in any part of your home, a hardwood floor nailer can tremendously help you secure your hardwood boards easier and so much more effectively.

This type of nailer can be easily handled and manipulated, is safer to use than your ordinary hammer and will cut your labor time practically in half.

Types of Hardwood Floor Nailers

There are basically 3 types of hardwood floor nailers: pneumatic, manual and electric.

A pneumatic model uses an air compressor to power it up. This is actually the most recommended type of nailer for hardwood floors because their make allows them to last longer. You may find however, that this type is more expensive than the other two mentioned above.

A manual nailer is of course the cheapest but using this to secure your hardwood slats on the floor takes longer and so much more energy because you need to manually drive the nails down. If you are going to install new hardwood flooring on your entire floor, a manual nailer may not be your best option.

Electric nailers on the other hand, pretty much have the same easy manipulation and handling as your pneumatic nailer. The only difference is that you can use this type of nailer for hardwood flooring any place where there is an electric power socket and supply whereas with a pneumatic nailer, you will constantly need an air compressor.

Depending on the extent of your flooring project and based on your personal preference, you may use any one of these nailers to install your hardwood flooring.

Buying Hardwood Floor Nailers

Whether you want to go with a manual floor nailer, a pneumatic or an electric model; you will find that these floor nailers are easily available in most hardware stores including shops online that provide hardware supplies.

If you are looking at the long haul, a pneumatic floor nailer is highly recommended because as mentioned above, this has more longevity as compared to the other two models.

Online, you can find several suppliers of pneumatic nailers from leading brands. To get your money’s worth, you may want to check out multi-purpose floor nailers so you can use this tool for many other projects.

Once you have purchased the nailer of your choice, be sure to check its manual for proper usage and maintenance to ensure that you will be safely using your nailer plus you can use it for a number of years.

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