How to Solve Common Electrical Problems

How to Solve Common Electrical Problems

When taken for granted, common electrical problems might cause serious damages to appliances that will lead to fire and death. There are some things that you can do personally to avoid these damages to occur. Learn how to solve these problems for a happier and peaceful life.

Spikes and Surges

Two of the common electrical problems in a household are spikes and surges. Spikes are actually short electrical bursts that are mainly caused by excessive voltage. Surges are long electrical bursts that are mainly caused by some extra voltage. The extra and excessive voltage that causes spikes and surges to happen are results of storms or accidents. When not given enough attention, they have the capacity to destroy your household appliances immediately or over time.

You can use a surge protector to solve these common electrical problems and thus prevents your appliances from any damages. A surge protector is a plug-in unit that you can purchase in your local electrical shop. It will definitely protect any electronics against spikes, surges, electrical noise, and other kinds of electrical disturbances.

Sags, Dips, and Outages

Sags and dips are common electrical problems that show low voltage for a short period of time. They are caused by powerful electrical equipment that sucks electrical power when turned on. While outages are long periods of time where there is no electrical power and are commonly called as blackouts. A severe weather or an accident might be the reason why the supply of electrical power from the company is directly cut off. When these common electrical problems happen, physical damage and data loss might happen.

Using a UPS or Uninterruptable Power Supply can help to protect your electrical appliances against these common electrical problems. The main purpose of the UPS is to supply electrical power to the appliance for a short period of time when dips, sags, and outages occur. The source of the electrical power is the battery of the UPS that lasts for about 15 to 20 minutes thus giving you enough time to turn off your electrical appliances safely.

No Electrical Power in Some Parts of the House

The reason that this common electrical problem occurs is that the circuit breakers are overloaded. It means that you have a tripped circuit breaker or a short circuit in that part of the house with no electrical power.

To solve this common electrical problem, you need to reset your circuit breaker. Learn if a new electrical appliance was plugged into the circuit and then unplug that appliance. Also unplug other electrical appliance within the circuit that may have cause the short circuit on the breaker or overload. Reset the circuit breaker by pushing it all the way where the ‘off’ position is and then push it back all the way to the ‘on’ position. If ever you still have a tripped circuit breaker after resetting it, the it is time to call for an electrician to solve the problem for you.