How to Build a Rocket

With a bit of patience, anyone can learn the art of building a rocket. The following equipment will be needed.

Required Tools and Materials

Engine mount
Ignition system
Launch pad
Plastic cement
Wood glue
Nose cone
Cylinder (plastic or cardboard)

Step 1

Make a sketch design. Try to keep the rocket simple. The cylinder will be the body and it should have three fins, a nose cone and the engine. Make the correct measurements and cut the materials according to the desired size.

Step 2

Join the cylinder body with the nose cone. Attach the parachute to the rear of the nose cone. Use plastic cement for this task. You can also try super glue, but plastic cement is more effective.

Step 3

The next step to building a rocket is to sand the fins. The objective is to make the structure as smooth as possible. This will help a lot, aerodynamics wise.

The best material to use is balsa wood. You can also design fins yourself using a template. Just put the template on a piece of wood and cut it.

Step 4

Connect the fins after it has been sanded. If you are using a plastic body, the plastic cement will be fine. For cardboard, the wood glue will be sufficient.

Step 5

The next step is to put the engine mount on. Slide this in the rocket’s bottom part. That would be just below the fins. Get a cotton swab and put some glue on it. Apply this on the outside of
the mount. This will secure the engine.

Step 6

The next step is to paint the rocket. Apply as many coatings as you like, but make sure it is light coating. This will make it easier for the rocket to fly.

To paint in different colors, you should first paint it one color. Now you just have to tape over the areas you don’t want to change. Paint the rocket. When it has dried you can remove the tape off the protected areas. Now you can fire the rocket.

Tips and Warnings

Cardboard is the most frequently used material for making the rocket’s body. However, you can use plastic too. When it comes to the nose cone though, plastic is the best choice.

When building a rocket, keep in mind that there are several types of engine mounts to choose from. Follow the instructions on how to install and use them. Don’t try making rocket fuel unless you know the exact procedure.

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