Faucet Repair

Knowing how to repair faucets that leak is an easy yet important skill to learn. Instead of paying someone to fix it, you’ll be able to do it and save on the expenses.

Required Tools and Materials

Duct or masking tape
Seat-dressing tool
Washers (different sizes)
Dissemble the Faucet

Step 1

Use the shutoff valve to turn the water off. Shut down the water heater’s water supply.

Step 2

Remove the handle of the faucet. Loosen the screw in the middle of the handle. This is below the cap.

Step 3

Take the handle off the stem. Loose the packing nut below it. Spin it counterclockwise. After you thread it out, take out any chips inside.

How to Repair Faucets

Step 1

Check the washer. If it is grooved or flat, replace it. If the brass is damaged, they have to be replaced. Make sure you get the appropriate replacement parts when you visit the supply store.

Step 2

Check the washer seat. If it needs repair, you will have to use a seat dressing tool. Follow the manufacturer instructions on how to use it.

Step 3

Look in the faucet body and search for a hexagon or square shaped hole. If it is grooved, replace it. If the washer has a hole in the middle but without indentations, the seat dressing tool must be used.

How to Reassemble the Faucet

Step 1

Put the new washer in place. Fasten it with the screw. Keep in mind that the washer installations will vary. Follow the information specified in the guide. You can also ask the people in the hardware store.

Step 2

To reassemble the parts, you have to put the components back in the reverse order you put them in. Turn the handle in the appropriate position. Fasten the packing nut and the handle.

Step 3

Use a lubricant to oil the threads.

Step 4

Turn the water supply back on. Test the faucet. Check it for any leaks.

Tips and Warnings

Make certain the drain is closed before attempting the repair. If the leak is from the stem, you will need to replace the packing. Check the manufacturer guide on how to set it up.

If you are just learning how to repair faucets, remember that the leaks emanating from stems are often due to washer wear and tear. It is best to get new and compatible washers. Some people have difficulty turning the handles. If that’s the case, try to reinstall it.

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