How to Do Leather Repair

Leather is a very useful material, which is widely used for making different kinds of things such as purses, gloves and jackets. More than anything else, many people love its texture and durability. However, cleaning and maintaining it can be tricky at times, especially without the proper knowledge and the right materials for the job. Worse, it can also succumb to damage and tear after longer use. Here is a quick look at how to do leather repair.

Materials Needed

For this moderate task, you need a number of important materials such as replacement leather swatch, silk or polyester thread and garment glue. Aside from these, you need to bring in linen patch, heavy-duty needle and a phonebook. Finally, be sure to come in prepared with a hammer with smooth head, pencil and paper as well as sharp scissors.


For damages that are comprised of small rips or holes, a patch is enough to get the job done. Get the scissors and then cut out every rip or hole. Do the cutting in circular patterns, limiting it to a size enough to remove the rough edges of the damages. As much as possible, never cut beyond what is necessary. Underneath the hole that you made, put a paper and then trace its shape using the pencil. Cut the paper and then use the circle that you created as pattern to cut out the leather swatch.

Get the leather cutout and then pound it using the hammer. Before you do this, lay it first on top of a hard surface. The reasons for this particular step are to make the cutoff flat and reduce its thickness. After pounding, put some garment glue at the back of the leather cutout and then put it directly into the hole of the leather. To make it stick even more, try to put a heavy weight on top of it like a thick phonebook, an encyclopedia or anything that can put enough pressure to the newly repaired parts.

Leave the patch do dry up first completely before using. This will usually take at least an hour to complete. For leather parts that have lots of wear and tear, they can be repaired by combining the process of stitching and the use of a linen patch. This is especially true for parts like the armpits and elbows. For severe damages, you may want to avail the services of luggage repair professionals or tailors. For sure, they can perform drastic repairs much better because they are equipped with the right tools for the job.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

For minor damages like cracks and scratches, it is enough to apply leather conditioner, which you can purchase at any auto supply, upholstery and hardware store. Aside from this, it is also possible to use shoe polish with the same color as the leather.

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