How to Build a Picnic Table

Picnics aren’t that fun without a table, but it is fairly easy to build a picnic table. The following is a picnic table with wheels so you can move it around easily.

Required Tools and Materials

Wheels, each 12 inches (2)
Carriage bolts (8)
Nuts (8)
Lock washers (8)
Washers (8)
Drill (3/8 inch bit)
Miter saw
Measuring tape
Pressure treated lumber 12 foot 2 by 4 (10)

Step 1

Saw 9 untreated boards measuring six ft long. This will be the table top.

Step 2

Cut off three support for the tabletop, each 32 ½ inches long.

Step 3

Set the supports parallel to each other. Distribute the supports 30 inches apart.

Step 4

To build a picnic table, set the table top along the supports. Place it in the middle of the supports. Each end should have a foot overhang.

Step 5

Hammer the board on the supports. Do your work outward. Put the other boards on to make the top of the table.

Step 6

Turn the top upside down. Chop the four legs so two are 37 inches long and two are 40 inches long. Make a 54 degree angle cut on the ends. Make a couple of seat supports. It should be 56 inches long.

Step 7

Assemble the A-frame legs with these pieces. Start with the 40 inch boards. Butt the legs so it will have a V shape that is upside down. Fasten the pieces together.

Step 8

Mark 31 ½ inches from the frame’s tip. This is the spot for the 56 inch support. Put the board in the middle. Make sure there is an overhang. Bolt it.

Step 9

Do the same with the 37 inch boards.

Step 10

Measure a foot from the end of the table. Put the A-frame in the middle and fasten it to the top of the table. Put the A frame leg supports in the tabletop’s middle.

Step 11

Chop the boards 30 ½ inches with 65 degree angles on the ends. Bolt it.

Step 12

Turn the table up. Position the wheels with the level. Put this on the A-frame (the shorter one).

Step 13

Put a couple of 6 ft long wood pieces on the A-frame overhang. This will make up the bench seats.

Tips and Warnings

Always measure the wood boards twice before you cut it.

The final step to build a picnic table is to sand it. Keep sanding until the edges are smooth. The table is finished after you are done sanding.

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