How to Build a Rabbit Hutch

If you know how to build a rabbit hutch, there is no need to buy any of the expensive hutches being sold. You just need to get the following materials ready.

Required Tools and Materials

Rubber gloves
2 x 4s
Metal ties
Wire rabbit cage or wire cutter and wire

Step 1

Decide how big the rabbit hutch will be. The dimensions will depend on your preference and how many rabbits will be kept there. After deciding on the size, get the required number of lumber from the lumberyard.

Step 2

Buy a wire cage from a farming supply center or at pet shops. If you’d rather make one, nail four wood legs on the plywood (square footage is up to you). Put the wire around the legs. Make sure the wire is applied in a straight line. Set aside an inch of space between the lines.

Step 3

Fasten the wire tight. Use the wire cutters to slice off loose ends.

Step 4

You will need a support frame when you build a rabbit hutch. Make the support frame using the 2 x 4 wood. This will be set around the wire cage. This will fortify the hutch. It will also make the structure usable outside your house.

Step 5

Cut the other 2 x 4s to make the hutch legs. The length is up to you, but many hutch builders use a length of at least 3 feet. This makes it less of a hassle to clean up.

Step 6

Decide where to place the rabbit hutch. Use a hammer to set the legs into position.

Step 7

The last step is to add the roof for the hutch. You have several options here. If you want something basic, just put a piece of plywood over it.

If you want something fancier, add a hinged roof over the hutch. If you are going to build the roof, make sure there is a slope. This will prevent rain from collecting on it.

Step 8

The rabbit hutch is finished. Now you just have to add the accessories. One of the most useful is the retractable pan. You can use this for gathering the feces. If it gets to hot in the area, you can add shingles on the roof. A clear plastic cover will serve as protection.

It is really quite easy to build a rabbit hutch. However, you need to be careful when handling the wires. Never attempt to build a wire cage without wearing gloves. For extra precaution, wear safety glasses too.

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