How to Build a Birdhouse

Because of human activities, many birds are now losing their homes and always searching for nesting places. This guide will demonstrate how to build a birdhouse for bluebirds.

Required Tools and Materials

Power drill with spade bit
Table saw
Conduit straps
1 piece of 3/4-inch conduit (6 feet)
1 5/8-inch wood screws
2-inch finishing nails
1 piece of 1x 10-inch cedar board (10 inches)
4 pieces of 1 x 6-inch cedar board (1 foot)

Step 1

Get 4 12 inch cedar board pieces measuring 1 x 6 inches. For the front, cut a piece eight inches long. Cut them to the same length except for one piece which should be full size.

Step 2

Cut the two side pieces’ tops. Angle it an inch from front to back. The four inch piece you cut will be the bottom.

Step 3

Drill a hole 1 ½ inches at the front. Create the opening a couple of inches off the top. Cut an angle on the back and front when you build a birdhouse.

Step 4

Connect the sides on the front board. Use the two inch finishing nails on the right. For the left, use a 1 5/8 inch wood screw.

Step 5

Put the rear board on the side and front boards. Be certain the side boards are ¼ inch lower than the back board. Put some space between them for ventilation. Use the 1 5/8 inch board to make the hinge.
Use the two inch finishing nails and connect the backboard to the right side.

Step 6

Cut the corners so there is a ¼ inch angle. Nail the floor to the right side boards, the back and front. Do not nail the left side on the flooring; this will be the door.

Step 7

To make a lock for the door, make a hole in the front board into the left side board. Keep the door closed by slipping a nail. Make sure the nail can be pulled so access will be easy.

Step 8

Put the 1 x 10 cedar on the birdhouse’s top. Join it using the 1 5/8 screws. Drill it so it is simpler to put in.

The final step to build a birdhouse is to mount the box. Set it on a six foot conduit pipe. Put straps so the hole is five feet from the surface. You can put some grease on the pipe so intruders will be able to get on it. Be certain the board’s rough side faces outward.

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