How to Build a Cat Tree

To keep the cat from scratching your furniture, consider making a cat tree. By knowing how to build a cat tree, you will make your cat happy and keep your furniture intact.

Required Tools and Materials

3/4-inch plywood
Wood glue
Utility knife
Staple gun
Nail gun
Paint roller
Drill bits

Step 1

Join two plywood pieces by gluing them and drilling holes for screws. If the cat tree is big, use the paint roller to put the glue

Step 2

Now you have to add a lip to the outer base. Glue small wood strips on the edge. It should be half an inch wider than the whole plywood piece.

Step 3

Now you have to learn how to build a cat tree “apartment” area. Create circular entryways by using a compass. A six inch hole is all right for kittens. Make it large enough for your cat.

Step 4

Get the drill. Use it to make a hole in the middle. Put the jigsaw blade in the hole. Saw the circles out. Repeat this for the top and the four corners.

Step 5

Apply the wood glue to combine the top and sides. Drill holes for the screws and put screws in. You can use a nail gun if you prefer.

Step 6

Put carpet on the base. Apply the carpet on the sides, the insides and the top. Cut off any extra carpeting with the utility knife. When the carpet is of the right size, secure it using the staple gun.

Step 7

Fasten the cat tree on the base. You can do this by flipping it upside down. Once it is turned, drill some long screws straight to the bottom. The cat tree is now finished.

Tips and Warnings

If you are putting carpet in your house, collect the excess carpet. You can use this for the cat tree. It will save you the trouble of buying carpet. Also, the carpet for the cat tree and the house will be a good match.

Be careful when handling the drill and the staple gun. To avoid making mistakes, you should measure the cat. This will ensure the hole isn’t too small for your cat. Also be certain you put in enough glue.

It isn’t too hard to learn how to build a cat tree. If you have
several cats, you can make several trees for them to play in. The same method can be used regardless of the cat tree size.

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