Wedding Crafts

Every marriage is an important occasion. Putting together the perfect wedding is something that is worth every effort. As a milestone in every bride and groom’s life, weddings should really be poured with as much time and effort.

These days when people are staring to realize that creativity can go a long way, personalized weddings became quite common. Wedding crafts from the invitations to the wedding favors, accessories, and decorations have become popular. What’s even better about wedding crafts, aside from personalizing the important occasion, is that it is very doable. You can turn it into a DIY project easily and finish it off without fuss. With countless tutorials available online regarding wedding arts and crafts that you could actually use for all occasions – especially for weddings – you will never be short of ideas.

In this article, we will give you an example of a wedding craft as well as a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Candle-Floral Arrangement

If you are looking for the perfect table centerpiece at the wedding reception, this is a good idea that you must consider. A floral arrangement combined with sleek candlesticks in elegant candelabras would definitely make your guests enjoy the night away.

Step 1: First and foremost, you must gather the materials for the project. You will need flowers, ribbons, candles, candle holder, dry floral foam, utility container, glue gun, pins, floral tape, scissors, wire, and wire cutter.

Step 2: Make a low formal flower arrangement. Use flowers that complement the wedding theme.

Step 3: Once you have established the depth, height, and the design of your flower arrangement, it is time to insert the ribbons. Secure the ribbons with a wood pick into the arrangement.

Step 4: For a more romantic and warm atmosphere, arrange the candle holders on one side. Light up the candles before the guests arrive so they will be pleased with the beautiful and warm ambiance at the reception.

Step 5: You can create an elaborate candle-floral arrangement for the buffet table and the couple’s dining table.

Wedding crafts are very easy to DIY. They also come cheap that way. By going for personalized crafts, you are making your wedding memorable in every sense. Do not be afraid to look for projects that you can use for such a special occasion. Just never forget that in every crafting task, your creativity is key. It will spell all the difference on the success or failure of your project.

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