Pergola Ideas

Pergola Ideas

Pergolas are much like a gazebo that can enhance the exteriors of your home. They can be constructed on patios or decks, gardens, front yards or practically anywhere outside the house that you find suitable for your pergola.

There are many different designs of pergolas that you can choose to construct and since these are quite very easy to erect, you will have your pergola standing before the end of the day.

Pergola Ideas

First of all, if you haven’t built a pergola before or you are not very adept with carpentry work, you will be glad to know that there are pergola kits that you can purchase. These are ready to assemble and they come with assembly instructions so you won’t have a problem erecting your pergola.

Garden Pergola

This type of pergola can be placed anywhere in your garden. You can build it in the middle of your garden, a few meters off the walkway or anywhere else you want.

Usually, garden pergolas come in measurements of 8 feet x 10 feet, 10 feet by 12 feet and 12 feet by 14 feet. However, if you are building your pergola from scratch, you can come-up with your own specification based on the design that want.

If you have existing stonework within your garden, there are also pergolas that you can erect using the stonework, i.e. stone flowerbeds, as part of your foundation.

You can have vines crawling down your trellis for a bit of shade or you can leave the columns and the roof beams bare, depending on your choice.

Pool Pergola

For a truly relaxing ambience as you lounge by the pool, a pool pergola is ideal. Again, there are kits available for this and these likewise require a few simple steps to assemble.

You can hang drapes on the columns for a bit of privacy or to keep the sun away. Lounge chairs and tables will perfect the look of your pool pergola.

Front Yard Pergola

Not a lot of people build their pergolas by the front yard but this doesn’t mean that they are off limits to your front yard. This is actually a good seating area where you can relax and watch people go by or simply enjoy the view of your neighborhood.

This likewise creates a kind of welcoming atmosphere to your home.

Column Designs

One of the things that people will notice right away about your pergola is the design of our columns. You can have these in simple lumber and painted with your color of choice or you can also carve intricate designs on the columns for a little touch of Victorian design.