How to Build a Road

Building a major road may take anywhere from two to three years, depending on the scope of the project. This type of project requires meticulous planning and as a matter of fact, the planning stage itself can take anywhere between 6 months up to a year.

There are four major steps involved in how to build a road and each one requires precision to ensure that the road will be built safely and effectively.

How to Build a Road

Identifying the Scheme

This stage basically requires you to pinpoint the exact location of the road that will be built. This includes identifying if it is going to be a major thoroughfare where there could be heavy traffic.

Planning the Road

Once the scheme has been identified, the next step is road planning; which is actually considered as the most grueling part of building a road. Here, a design team will be put together, alternative routes are determined, plus meeting with local authorities is also in order.

During this stage, a lot of paperwork needs to be done to get permits to build the road, including specifying effects of the road construction and completion on the environment particularly if there is vegetation within the surrounding area.

You will also need to get approval of your proposed alternative route while the road is being constructed.

You must also get the land that you are planning on building the road on.

Construction Phase

Once you get all the necessary permits and approvals, the surrounding area needs to be protected. If there are wild animals about, it is important that their natural habitat be not compromised with the construction of the road.

If there is vegetation, trees and plants need to be relocated to a new place where they can thrive.

During construction, it is likewise important that all safety precautions are in place. Once the road has been completed, safety measures for motorists as well as pedestrians should also be in place.

Road Opening

Once the project has been completed, the road will no be open to the public. During this stage, an evaluation of the road will also be undertaken. This will simply check if the road is effective and safe.

While there may only be four stages in building a road, from what is briefly described in each stage; you will see that building a road is no easy feat.

This is why it is very important to get all the right people for the job: from the design team, contractors and workers; to ensure that the road will be built according to plan and all safety measures are considered and in place.

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