Outhouse Construction

 Knowing something about outhouse construction can be handy. For instance, the structure can be used during outdoor events or on construction sites. Or you can even put one outside your own home to give it a historical / classical look. 


Required Tools and Materials 

10 two-by-fours
Measuring tape
Plastic toilet seat
Extension cord
Skill saw
1 sheet of tin
3 sheets of plywood
Step 1
Use the measuring tape to determine how big the outhouse will be. Next, use the pencil or pen to mark the size needed to slice the tin and plywood boards. 
Step 2
Cut the tin and plywood with the saw. 
Step 3
Create the frame over the hole with the 2 x 4s. 
Step 4
The next step is to build the bench or get a pre-built one. For an outhouse construction project, you need to make a hole in the center of the bench. Place the toilet seat on it. 
Step 5
Place the sides that will make the walls around the sides and back of the frame. Cut a piece of wood to make the roof. Make sure the nails are secure. 
Step 6
To make the door, chop plywood sheet. Use the hinges to connect the door. Nail the tin on the plywood roof. 

How to Reduce the Outhouse Odor 

Very important in this project is managing the smell. First of all make it a point to collect the toilet paper and discard them. Toilet paper takes a long time to decompose and produces a strong smell. 
You can also put air fresheners around the structure to eliminate the odor. You should also put sizeable amounts of ash in the hole weekly. If usage is heavy, put ashes in the hole as often as needed. 
Don’t lock the door if the outhouse is not being used. This is necessary for ventilation purposes. It will also reduce the smell. Another way you can reduce the smell is by putting a septic tank tablet down the hole every week. 

Tips and Warnings 

You can utilize screws rather than nails if you like. When you make the roof, make sure it is angled. Otherwise snow and rain will gather on the roof. 
An angled design will also provide ventilation for the structure. It can also prevent leaks from occurring. The structure should be far away from your home so the wind doesn’t carry the smell. 
You can run a pipe 4 feet into the hole all the way up the roof. This will release the methane gas. If bugs keep coming to the structure, place a fly strip in the hole. 
You can also drop some lime in the hole after every use. Lime doesn’t just remove the smell, but it accelerates decomposition. It will also keep those nasty bugs away. 
If the outhouse construction will be done for an outdoor event, you must also ensure it is far from the event site. The same holds true if the unit will be used at a construction site. 


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