How to Plaster Walls

How to Plaster Walls

Anyone can learn how to plaster a wall, but you need to prepare the wall first. The following instructions are for plastering a concrete wall.

Required Tools and Materials

Masonry sand
Bonding agent
Mold and mildew killer
Wire brush
7/8-inch concrete screws
Metal lath

Step 1

Remove any flaking and peeling paint on the wall. The quickest way to do this is by sandblasting the wall. If you don’t want to sandblast, put metal lath on the wall. This can be attached to the wall using 7/8 inch concrete screws. Space them a foot apart.

Step 2

Caulk the visible cracks. Treat the mildew and mold with the mildew / mold killer. Remove any stains still on the mold. Use the wire brush to clear the mortar joints.

Step 3

Apply bonding agent on the wall when the paint is secure. You can brush or spray the agent. This will vary depending on the product. Just follow the package directions.

Step 4

Put some slurry of slush coat along the wall. Combine one part cement and two parts masonry sand. Add a bit of water, just enough to produce a soft consistency.

Using a slash dash, apply it over the entire wall. Make it 1/8 inches thick. Let this dry for a day. If you want a flat look, apply slurry with an almost liquid consistency.

Step 5

To know how to plaster a wall, you have to prepare the plaster. This will vary per product, so follow the product instructions. Put the base coat on the dash coat using the trowel. It should be ¼ to 1/8 inch thick. Smooth the plaster. For a textured look, leave it rough. Let it dry.

Step 6

Apply another plaster coating. Use the technique described above.

Tips and Warnings

The metal lath must be used if the wall is waterproof; if not, the plaster will fall off. If you are not sure, splash the wall with water. If the water runs off, you need to apply metal lath.

If the water is absorbed, you can put the plaster on. Plaster can cure in a variety of temperatures, but ideally it should be 55 to 70 degrees F. The depth should be ½ to 5/8 inches. But it may vary with your own project.

Understanding how to plaster a wall takes some time, but anyone can learn how to do this. Just make sure that you follow the directions for preparing the plaster.