How to Stop Spyware

Everyone who ever uses PCs will have to deal with spyware every now and then. Computer users at work and at home will have to take measures to avoid and deal with already existing spyware on their computers. You may think that pop-ups and pop-under ads are the only annoying things out there, you better think again. We have below a few tips on how to stop spyware. Some of them may ask you to make certain changes on your computing habits.

Understanding Scumware

Knowing how to stop spyware requires one to understand what you are trying to stop. There’s more to it than sites that leave cookies. Some spyware gather information about your computing activities via key loggers. The most common type of scumware you might have encountered is adware. These are applications that bring up advertisements and banners on your browser page.

Another variety of scumware you might have encountered is a hijacker. This is a software application that redirects you to a different site and even change your home page. This type of application also has the capability to change your default search engine.

Watch What You Download

This is an important step on how to stop spyware. If you have tech neophytes at home, warn them not to just download anything they find online that’s free. You might want to install an anti-virus software or anti-spyware software that has a link scanner to warn users of possible threats when clicking certain links. Inform them not to click on links that are sent to them by anonymous individuals.

Install a Couple of Anti-Spyware Software

You should install two anti-spyware software as a form of added precaution on how to stop spyware. You can scour the Internet for various applications and utilities that you can use to get rid of scumware and other similar online vermin. You should also create your own spyware removal kit. Burn all the anti-spyware utilities you can find onto a disk and use it on various computers that may require spyware removal.

Install a Firewall and Other Necessary Software

There are anti-virus software that also have anti-spyware capabilities. You might want to look for such applications that have that capability. Don’t forget to install a firewall that not only blocks attacks coming from the Internet but also blocks any unwanted uploads coming out from your computer to an unknown destination. You can purchase a firewall application or just look up anything that is free online.

As a side note on how to stop spyware and firewall usage, you should get your firewall’s settings set up to allow certain applications to access the Internet such as your browser and email applications. If you notice your computer uploads too much data without your permission then you should lock all computer traffic via your firewall and scan for spyware.

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