How to Build a Resume

Knowing how to attract the attention of the HR managers is the most difficult thing in writing a resume. In doing it, we should know what to emphasize in our resume. These steps will help you to earn an interview and perhaps eventually your new job.

Writing Your Own Resume

The first step on how to build a resume is to know what type of job you are applying for. Next, you should also find out what the company requires for that employment. The next step is just as important as writing a resume. Write a cover letter. In this letter you simply introduce yourself and confidently express why you are fit for that job or position.

Afterwards choose a design for your resume that includes your eligibility, objective, job experience and references. There are a lot of outlines that you can choose from. You may look them up on the Internet or use the simple outline samples in word processing applications such as MS Word. Remember to outline your resume with important personal information. This would supply the job needs.

Make sure your objective is fit for the description of the job. Filling it determines your whole purpose and whether the reviewer will have you pass the interview or not. Be clear and brief in conveying your information. See to it that you study the job requirements and highlight your best skills that meet those requirements.

Use action words that are appropriate such as prepared, directed, presented, developed, managed, coordinated and accomplished. Your education makes a vital role if you lack work experiences. Symbols are also very useful. It helps save space that permits your resume to breathe. More information can be added if you use symbols like #, % and most importantly the currency signs such as the dollar or the pound sign.

And lastly, put the most relevant points of your strengths wherein reviewer can see it aptly. Always highlight positives and avert any negatives from your past employment. This will make you more confident if an interview is merited.


Here are additional tips on how to build a resume. Upon reading the job description of that company, try to pick those keywords the job needs and implement it in your resume. The Human Resources manager is very keen with those keywords. Ads in the newspaper use white spaces that make your eyes look directly to it. They use it to attract our attention and interest upon opening the paper. You can use it also in your resume.

One more thing, see to it that your resume is not too short or not too long. One to two pages are enough to write important information in your resume. The font should not be smaller than size 10. Follow these steps and tips on how to build a resume. They will present your major selling points when vying for that well-deserved job.

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