How to Repair Your Car

Before driving your car out the garage, it is always a good idea to check that everything is in proper order. This is especially important if you are planning on going for a long drive.

However, no matter how much you have checked and re-checked everything, sometimes cars still break down from out of the blue. This being said, it is essential that you have a bit of know-how on how to repair your car.

Below are a few common car problems that you may want to troubleshoot first before taking it to the mechanics.

How to Repair Your Car

Squeaky Brakes

This is one of the most annoying car troubles there is. It’s not only embarrassing to have your brakes squeal so loudly that everyone is bound to see where the noise is coming from, but it could also give anyone behind the wheel a headache.

However, more than the embarrassment of it all, squeaky brakes could be an indication of a bigger problem that if not addressed immediately, could endanger everyone inside the car.

Among the things you should check when you have noisy brakes are:

– Brake pads: Sometimes the squeaky noise is a simple matter of worn brake pads and replacing these will solve the problem. Check also the materials used to manufacture your brake pads. Oftentimes, carbon metallic materials cause the noise and you may also want to change these to stop the squeaky sounds they make.

– Misaligned or loose calipers: Re-aligning or tightening these should solve the problem.

Coolant Leaks

Coolant leaking from the front of your engine could be from the following: clamp, radiator hose or water pump.

The water pump has a seal and when your coolant starts to leak from the hole in water pump’s casting, it is an indication that the seal has weakened. When this happens, the coolant might get into the pump shaft’s bearing which would eventually cause its deterioration.

Coolant inside the bearing will cause major problems if not addressed immediately. It could ruin the grease which will result in ball bearings running hot; pump shaft might break away which in turn may cause the fan to go into your radiator.

So actually, coolant leaking from the hole of the water pump helps you determine that you need to have your water pump checked to avoid further problems and accidents.

In the above-given scenarios, the first step in repairing your car is to check exactly where the problem is coming from. In the case of the brakes squeaking, you can troubleshoot this if the problem is a mere case of worn brake pads.

In the case of leaking coolant from the water pump, seeking the help of a professional mechanic may be the better option.

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