How to Build a Free Website

 Nowadays, if you want to advertise something like your freelance services for instance, or items that you’re selling; there’s no better place to do these than right on the internet.

Businesses big and small have found their way to the internet and are reaping rewards beyond their imagination. If you want to test drive first this website business, you can start by creating a free website.

How to Build a Free Website

1. Find a free webhosting provider. There are several sites on the internet that offer free webhosting plans for everyone. There may be a few limitations such as the allocated size of the free website but if your aim is to simply try out first if you can work a website to your advantage, these limitations will not matter much.
2. Choose a name. The only thing that you might mind in the beginning is that with free webhosts, you have to use their name in your domain name. For instance, if your free webhost is, your domain name will look something like this: 
If the name you have chosen is already taken, some free webhosts can provide you with suggestions for your domain name.
3. Choose a theme. Usually, free webhosts have their own selection of ready-made templates with different themes. These are incorporated with programs that allow you to tweak the site a bit so you can come-up with a site with a few of your preferences.
For instance, there usually are widgets for the sidebar, “footnotes,” and top navigation. You can put in different widgets, depending on what is provided by your webhost. These could include an archive of your articles, categories, recent articles, RSS Feed, and such.
4. Your content. Your site may have its limitations but when it comes to writing your content, you’re practically free to put in whatever you want. This gives you full control of how to advertise your products or services. 
This being said, it is very important that you write or advertise in such a way that your readers will instantly get what you’re saying in the first few sentences of your articles or the name of your site.
5. Site tracker. In order to monitor how many visitors you get per day, how many clicks and where your visitors are located; you need to have some type of site tracker on your website.
There are likewise providers of site trackers that offer a limited monitoring system for free. These are very easy to install as there are instructions on how to properly put these on your site. 


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