How to Repair Xbox 360 E71 Error

Like all gaming platforms, the Xbox 360 is beset with a number of problems and errors that may disturb the gaming experience of the console’s users. One of such errors that Xbox 360 users commonly encounter is error E71 and it is signified by a blinking red light in the lower-right quadrant of the console’s main button. Error E71 is typically caused by the failure of the unit to update itself via the Xbox Live service. When confronted by this error, don’t worry. Learning how to repair Xbox 360 E71 error is easy as the error is a far cry from the dreaded red ring of death since it is in no way caused by more serious problems such as overheating and hardware failure. This is why it is important that every Xbox 360 user knows how to repair Xbox 360 E71 error since it is one of the easiest Xbox 360 errors to solve.

When learning how to repair Xbox 360 E71 error for the first time, know that reformatting one’s Xbox 360 hard drive is the most straightforward way to address the problem. Before proceeding with reformatting the hard drive, please remember that the process will make all the data saved in the hard drive will be lost and won’t be recovered anymore. Make sure then that the hard drive has no indispensable data before formatting it.

To format the hard drive, boot up your console and make sure that there is no disc loaded in its tray. In the dashboard, go to the system section and select the memory tab which will let you view the console’s storage devices. Format the unit’s hard disk by selecting it and pressing the Y button on the controller. Choose “Format” in the options. Keep in mind not to turn off the console while the process is taking place as doing so may cause serious damage to the unit.

If one is learning how to repair Xbox 360 E71 error, then one must learn how to restore one’s Xbox 360 into its factory settings. Restoring the Xbox 360 to its factory settings may be necessary if formatting the console’s hard disk did not solve the E71 error. To do this, go to the system information window in the console settings menu. While there, press the following buttons in this sequence: left trigger, right trigger, X button, Y button, left bumper, right bumper, Y button, up in the directional button, left in the directional button, and up again.

If the above steps detailing how to repair Xbox 360 E71 error were not able to solve the problem then consider taking the unit to a Microsoft service center as a last resort. Sure, you won’t be able to satiate your gaming needs for some time but you can be sure that your console will work as it should when you get it back.

Since the E71 error is one of the most common problems encountered by Xbox 360 users, learning how to repair Xbox 360 E71 error is a worthwhile exercise for any owner of the console as it lets users to solve the otherwise simple error quickly and easily.

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