How to Build Shelves

Shelves are the best tools for organizing books and other items cluttering your room. These instructions on how to build shelves are mainly for books. But you can also use them to store other items.

Required Tools and Materials

1 inch wood screws
Mechanical screwdriver
½-inch thick plywood
Measuring tape

Step 1

Decide on the dimensions of the book shelves. The easiest way to do this is to get the dimensions of the biggest book you plan to put there. Use it as a guide for setting the shelves’ size. Write the figures down.

Step 2

Get the ½ inch thick plywood. Draw the needed shelf pieces on it. Draw two sides for the structure. Make one shelf with the depth and width of the whole unit. The bottom and top shelves will be the same figures. Illustrate two more pieces.

Step 3

Use the saw to slice the pieces. Smooth the surface and edges with the sandpaper. When studying how to build shelves, don’t forget this step.

Step 4

Put down one of the side pieces on its side. Line the upper piece on the side. Make sure that it is perpendicular on its side part. Make an L shape that is upside down. Fasten a couple of screws on the side piece. This will join it to the top part.

Step 5

Line the bottom part in the same way. However, it should be on the side piece’s opposing end. Connect the part by fastening a couple of screws at the side part. This will join it with the bottom part. You swill end up with something that looks like the letter U.

Step 6

Decide where the shelf is between the bottom and top parts. Connect the shelf in the same way you did earlier. The unit will now resemble a W. You can use the level to even the pieces.

Step 7

Position the other side piece so there is an overlap with the shelf, bottom and top pieces. Join the side piece to the 3 ends using the screwdriver.

Step 8

Get the dimensions of the book shelves and make a backside. Cut the wood with the saw. Smoothen it with the sandpaper.

Line it up so they correspond with the frame shelving unit. Connect the piece on the side border using the nails. When studying how to build shelves, you must fasten the nails deep in the plywood. Now you can put your books in the shelves.

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