How to Repair Venetian Blinds

Window blinds are special covering designed to prevent direct sunlight from entering the house, building or any kind of establishment. Materials that are commonly used for this type of window covering are metal, plastic or wood. In addition, blinds are also used in houses and business establishments to help protect against bad weather and theft. In order to enjoy the best performance out of this window covering, it is good to learn how to repair venetian blinds.

Materials Needed

This moderately challenging task is easier to do if you are equipped with all the right materials. For this, you need a utility knife or scissors, a large table or any flat working surface as well as replacement slats. Aside from these items, prepare a ladder tape, a ladder string and replacement lift cords. Once you have these items, it is easier to accomplish this kind of task.


Remove the blind from its place. Adjust the wand or tilt cord to put the slats in open position. Unclip the brackets. Put it on top of the large table. Take the end caps off as well as the bottom rail cover. This will expose the clips or knots, which allows you to loosen the ends of the ladder tape and lift cord. If you want to replace the ladders, uninstall them and then put on the replacements. If not, simply remove the lift-cord ends from the rail.

Pull up the lift cords and then remove damaged slats. After that, install the new ladders and put the lift cords back in place. Secure the cover as well as the end caps. When the lift cords or ladders are to be replaced, the cords must be pulled all the way up to the head box. If you wish to change the ladders, disconnect them from the head box, specifically from the tilt tube. Slowly slide the slats right into the new ladders. Connect the ladders to the bottom rail and the tilt tube.

Thread the lift cords alternately through the slats, particularly between the ladder rungs. Attach them to the bottom rail securely. In case you want to change the lift cord, pull its two ends up from the head box, the pulleys and all the way out. To attach the new lift cords, feed its two ends into the head box. Put one end into the first pulley all the way to the head box to the second pulley. Both cords must be fed through the slats all the way down to the bottom part of the rail. Secure by installing the end caps and cover back in place. Put the blind back to its original place.

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