How to Build a Guitar

Guitars are expensive, but if you know how to make one you can cut back on the costs. To learn how to build a guitar, you will need the following equipment.

Required Tools and Materials

Guitar electronics (wire, capacitors and pickups)
Spray paint and primer
Soldering iron
Truss rod
Radius sanding block
Jig saw
Pencil for tracing design on wood

Step 1

Make a sketch design of the guitar. Make the guitar as detailed as possible.

Step 2

Get the wood piece. Follow the sketch you made. Make sure it is accurate as this will determine the guitar’s shape. You must also detail where the holes for the electronics will be set.

Step 3

Once the areas have been defined, cut it with the jig saw. Next, create the openings for the electronics and pickups. For the neck, you will need to create a hollow portion on the piece. Drill holes appropriate for the neck size. When studying how to build a guitar, it is very important to sand the edges.

Step 4

Build the neck using the wood pieces. Cut the area where the truss rod will be placed. Put the truss rod in place. Stick it with a glue.

Step 5

Use glue to stick the fretboard on. You can use the ruler to set the frets, and then create the slots.

Step 6

Using the sanding block, radius the fretboard. Sand it thoroughly and deepen the slots. Take the fretwire. Bend this to the size of the radius. Nail this in the right position.

Step 7

Create cuts for the neck. Drill holes into the tuners and neck blots. Sand the neck until it becomes smooth. Keep sanding until you get the shape you want.

Step 8

Put the whole thing together just to see if it looks all right. If it is, disassemble it.

Step 9

Now you can paint and prime the guitar. The color and patterns are up to you. Let it dry for two weeks. After that, it should be ready for use. Put the pieces together.

Step 10

Use the soldering iron and assemble the electronics. Once the electronics are set, string it together. Plug it in. Now you can start to play it.

If you are going to learn how to build a guitar, make sure you select high quality wood. More than anything else, this will determine the quality of the guitar. For the body, you can choose alder or ash. Rosewood is best for the fretboard.

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