How to Repair Scratched Glass

To repair scratched glass, one must apply a little discernment. Sometimes all it takes is an application of nail polish that is clear coated or you may sometimes just end up replacing the entire glass window. Repairs have various effects on glass. Effects range from getting rainbow images to making glass quite vulnerable and weak. The decision is yours; however, you should remember that for the sake of safety, if it’s time to replace the glass don’t settle for just repairs.

Light Scratches

Light scratches are the easiest type of damage that you can repair. The way to repair scratched glass with this small problem won’t even require a lot of effort. Applying some toothpaste over the light scratch should do the trick. You can either use cream or paste; however don’t use gel as it appears to be less effective.

Before you apply any toothpaste on lightly scratched glass, you should clean its surface using a cloth that is lint-free. Wipe off any excess toothpaste when you’re done. A little reminder is that you should avoid any sawing action when working on glass. You just might add more damage to it instead of repairing it. When the glass surface is dried up along with the toothpaste, buff the surface until all traces of toothpaste is gone. You’ll notice the absence of the scratches as well.

Moderate Glass Scratches

Don’t lose hope with moderate-sized scratches. There is still a chance for you to repair scratched glass with this amount of damage. Most of the time, professionals will be quick to tell you not to try and repair scratched glass of this type. You should first examine the scratch before attempting any type of repair. If your fingernails can run into the scratch or along its grooves then do not attempt to repair the glass.

For moderate scratches of a lesser magnitude, prepare the following solution. Mix vinegar and dry mustard in equal parts. Apply this solution to repair scratched glass that have a bit of a deeper damage than light scratches. When the solution dries buff your glass and check if the scratches have disappeared. If they are still present then you may try scratch removal systems used by professionals.

Professional Solution

Professional solutions are your last resort to repair scratched glass. You can buy professional glass repair solutions online or at a store where it is available. When you buy a set, it will usually come with all the necessary equipment. One caution though is to avoid professional solutions that use abrasive components. Check for substances like cerium oxide that weaken glass making it prone to breaking.

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