How to Build an Igloo

One of the reasons why people want to know how to build an igloo is it can replace the tent when you go camping. You can also build one for fun.

Required Tools and Materials

Snow saw or carpenter saw
An assistant

Step 1

Search for a location with hard packed snow. Use the shovel to dig a pit for standing purposes. Cut even blocks of snow. Do this on both sides of the pit. Carry them out. Place it on the snow so it will become hard as you cut.

Step 2

Use the saw to cut blocks as big as you can lift.

Step 3

Mark a big circle on the snow. Position the blocks so they lean about 15 degrees. Trim these to the appropriate shape. You can use the hatchet to shape it.

Step 4

The next step to learn how to build an igloo is to put another row of blocks over the first. Make sure the block placement is staggered. Shape and trim the rows. Your goal is to lean them forward a bit more to the circle.

Step 5

Ask your helper to go in the igloo and shovel out the snow on the floor. It should end up being lower than the first row by a few feet. Do this before the igloo gets too high.

Step 6

Give your assistant a hatchet and block of snow. Your assistant should trim the final block. This will be then pushed in the open space in the structure.

Step 7

Cut a semicircular shape on the igloo’s downwind side. Remove the snow until you are even with the flooring. To keep snow and wind out, make a tube-like structure by the entrance.

Step 8

Pack the gaps between the blocks with snow. Do this inside and outside the igloo. Your goal is to make it airtight.

Step 9

Make a couple of small openings above the igloo for air exchange. This is very crucial as it prevents asphyxiation.

Step 10

Smooth the interior with your gloved hands. The smoother it is, the less chance of the igloo dripping. You can also utilize a heat source to keep the interior warm. This can help make the smoothing process simpler.

If you are just learning how to build an igloo, you should have a detailed plan included. It is also important that you get the measurements right. Make the blocks as big as possible so you have to cut only a few.

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