How to Repair Paint Chips on Your Car

No matter how cool a car looks, a chipped paint can significantly affect its overall appearance. This is one of the most common problems, which car owners commonly experience when maintaining their vehicles. Because of this, what is supposed to be a very costly vehicle looks a lot less than its supposedly high value. Be able to restore the beauty and appearance of your automobile by learning how to repair paint chips on your car.

Materials Needed

To make this moderately challenging task easier, it is good to prepare a number of necessary materials. These include masking tape, filler and a repair paint that matches the overall color of your car. Aside from these, you will also need wet sanding paper, a compressor and a spray pen. Furthermore, be sure to bring in a clear coat as well as a small artist brush. Once you have these things, this job is definitely a lot easier to accomplish.


Visit the nearest automobile body shop or check out suppliers online for the right color of paint you need. It is important to have the perfect match of paint. To do this, you need to know the model and make, as well as the date of manufacture and original color of the car to be repaired. In order to have the right color, bring the vehicle to a specialty restoration shop. Here, you can ask the crew to mix you the right kind of paint that matches the color of your car. A computer can actually provide the right reading of hue and color tone.

After buying the right kind of paint, wash and clean the surface of your vehicle. Dip a sponge in a bucket of warm soapy water. Use it to remove dirt on the surface. In case there is wax, try to spray a small amount of wax remover and then wipe off the wax before you mask the surface.

Get 1,500-grit wet sandpaper and then use it to scuff the surface. It is necessary to use this type of sandpaper because it will not scratch the surrounding areas of the chip. You can get this special kind of sanding paper from any local automotive supply store. In case of deep chips, it is necessary to put filler on them. Once it dries, smoothen up the surface with the sandpaper.

Put touch-up paint on the surface of the chip using only small amounts. An alternate method is to use a compressor and a spray pen. Allow the paint to dry for approximately 48 hours, a time that is equivalent to two complete days. Before you can complete this task, you must use the 1,500-grit wet sandpaper once again lightly on the repaired parts. Lastly, apply the clear coat to cover and fix slight variations.

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