How to Fix a Bricked PSP

The PSP is one of the most widely played portable handheld consoles today. Like other consoles, it can malfunction and refuse to run. Here is a guide on how to fix a bricked PSP.

Required Tools and Materials

Pandora Battery
Memory Stick PRO (must have Magic Memory Stick software)
Magic Memory Stick-brand

Note: a bricked PSP means the system has been hacked. The term is applied when the console has been modified so unofficial applications can be used for it.

Step 1

Set the clean cloth on a level table surface. Put the PSP face down on it. Open the battery compartment. Take the battery out. Set the battery aside.

Step 2

Get the Memory Stick PRO and put in the memory slot of the PSP. Close the memory slot cover.

Step 3

Put the Pandora battery in the PSP battery slot. Put the battery compartment back to its original position. Flip the PSP so it is now facing up.

Step 4

The PSP will turn on and the selection screen will appear. Utilizing the D-Pad, choose the setting so it restarts using firmware 4.21. Press button X.

Step 5

The firmware will start formatting the console. Wait as it self installs.

Step 6

Shut the PSP down. Press the X button.

Step 7

After the PSP shuts down, turn the PSP over so it faces down. Take out the battery compartment. Remove the Pandora battery. Put in the battery that came with your PSP. Take out the memory stick so you can continue to fix a bricked PSP.

Step 8

Flip the PSP over so it faces up. Reset the PSP by pressing and holding the power button. Use the D-Pad to reset the Flash memory. Make the change effective by pressing the X button.

Step 9

The PSP will reboot. Press button X to accept the PSP license agreement. Now you just have to wait for the Home screen to show up. You can start playing.

Tips and Warnings

When the PSP screen is face down on the cloth, do not press too hard on it. You could break the screen. Do not open up the PSP if the warranty is still in effect. This will void the warranty. If you open up the PSP, the dealer may refuse to repair or even replace it.

If you are studying how to fix a bricked PSP, make sure you follow the directions as specified above. This will ensure no mistakes are made.

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