How to Repair Drywall

If your drywall is in need of a fix, you don’t necessarily have to call the contractor. Here are some easy ways to repair drywall without spending a fortune.

Required Tools and Materials

Electric drill or screwdriver
Putty knife
Long nose pliers
Drywall screws (coarse thread)
Drywall saw
Drywall clips
Caulk or spackling compound
Metal bread pan
Touch-up paint
Premixed joint compound
Joint tape
Drywall-reinforcing tape (paper or fiberglass)

How to Fill Small Holes

Step 1

Put a bit of premixed interior spackling compound on the putty knife. Apply this on the holes. Wipe off any excess compound.

Step 2

Examine the compound. If it shrivels after drying, apply more of the compound. Apply some touch paint when it has dried.

Repair Drywall: Fix Small Holes

Step 1

Put some premixed joint compound in the steel pan. Grab a small amount with the spackle knife. Draw the knife on the compound in a horizontal manner. Grab a bit more compound and perform a vertical

Step 2

Wait for the coat to turn white. This indicates it has dried. Apply a second coating. The second coat must have more compound. Apply some primer on the patch as soon as it has dried. Paint it.

How to Patch Drywall with Big Holes

Step 1

Slice a bit of drywall patch. Set it over the damaged drywall. Trace the shape and cut it with the saw. Take out the damaged drywall. Use the utility knife to clean up the area.

Step 2

Put the drywall clips close to the opening corners. Slide them on top of the drywall. Fasten it with drywall screws. Now you can set and patch the clips in.

Step 3

Twist the clip tabs using the long nose pliers. Apply some tape so the seams can be finished off.

How to Fix Drywall with Extensive Damage

Step 1

Put some joint tape on the sections that are missing or been heavily damaged. Put a thin layer of compound on the area. Push paper tape into it. Smooth it out with the spackle knife. Take the knife and draw it along the surface firmly.

Step 2

Wait for the first coat to dry. Next, scrape bits from the wall. Put a second and if necessary, third coat. Wait for it to dry.

It will be easier to repair drywall if you have all the equipment mentioned earlier in mind. Even if your wall doesn’t have that much damage, it is much better to have the right tools around.

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