How to Build a Horseshoe Pit

Before you can play horseshoes, you need to build a horseshoe pit. Horseshoe pits are easy to setup, but specific sizes have to be used so you can play the game properly.

Required Tools and Materials

Wooden strips
Measuring tape
Plywood sheets
Metal poles

Step 1

The first step is to make the backboards. Saw the pieces off the sheets of plywood. Make sure the pieces are all of equal length. Cut the backboards so they are 36 inches wide and 14 inches high.

Position the boards so they are 48 inches distant from each other. The boards should be set on even ground and face one another. This setup will decide the pit length.

Step 2

Spot the playing field edges when you build a horseshoe pit. The distance from the outer edges to the backboard should be eighteen inches. In other words, the entire playing field will be 72 inches x 48 ft. The whole playing field will resemble a rectangle. It is important to make the field as rectangular as you can.

Step 3

Get the metal poles. If necessary, cut the poles so they are 18 inches long. Make sure the posts are strong. They must be robust enough to withstand getting hit by large horseshoes.

Plant the two posts so they are precisely four feet off the backboard. This is from the center pit’s direction. When you set up the post, have about 15 inches protruding from the surface.

Step 4

Set the pole so it is oriented to the playing field center. Check the pole top. It must be precisely three inches nearer the field center compared to the pole base. This design will make it a bit more difficult to obtain a ringer. Be certain the poles are in line with the middle of the backboard.

Step 5

Make marks for the foul lines. This will denote how much forward space you can have to hurl the horseshoes. The lines have to be three feet from the pole’s front. The scoring area on the pole has to be marked too. Make it a 36 inch square. Line it with the backboard. Ensure the pole is centered in the scoring area center.

If you are going to build a horseshoe pit, try to do it on a grassy surface. This will produce less noise than when on concrete. The most crucial aspect is the distance between the poles. Ensure that it is forty feet from one pole base to the next.

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