How To Repair Car Power Windows

Contrary to what some may believe, repairing car power windows is not just something the car mechanic can do. Armed with the following paraphernalia, you’ll be able to fix this problem yourself.

Required Tools and Materials

Torx drivers (T10. T25, T15, and T30)
4 mm hex driver
New regulator
10 mm socket wrench
Philips head screwdriver
Door panel puller (anything you can use for prying)

Step 1

Get your prying tool and take out the door panel on the window you’re going to repair.

Step 2

Find the bolts that affix the regulator to the door. Depending on the car, you might have to lower the window to get to the bolts.

Step 3

Next, take out regulator. To start repairing car power windows, detach all the wiring you see. Put the new regulator in its place.

Step 4

With the regulator in place, fasten the bolts that keep the regulator in place. Put the moisture barrier back in place. Reconnect all the wirings that you detached earlier. Close the window.

Step 5

Engage the window control switch. Everything should work out fine now. If not, check the wirings to make sure everything is properly connected.

Common Car Power Window Problems

Before you throw away the old regulator, make sure it is the problem. When repairing car power windows, you should look at the electrical contacts. A lot of cars have a centralized switch (at the console). This means most of the electric components go through this system.

If the switch is not clean, the power windows may not work. In this case, go over your car manual for directions on cleaning the contacts. If it’s the motor that needs replacing, use the procedure described earlier for taking out the regulator.

Fixing Car Power Windows: Method II

Because cars come in different shapes, styles and sizes, different approaches to fixing the power windows may be needed. The tools you need for this method are the same as above except you’ll also be using a multi-meter.

Step 1

Commence repairing car power windows by unscrewing the battery cable. This should be at the front or its left side. Take out the interior door panel as you did earlier.

Step 2

After prying the door panel, detach the wirings from the power window and the power door. Use the multi-meter on the power window. This will point out if there’s trouble with the motor. Determine if the fuses need to be replaced.

Step 3

Remove the power window motor by unfastening the bolts. Install the new motor. Test it with the multi-meter. If the test says it is safe to use, then put the door back in place.

Tips and Warnings

Do not attempt to fix the car power windows or any part of your car if you have no experience with wires and the other tools.

Repairing car power windows is not that intricate a process; by taking the time to learn how it’s done, you’ll end up saving a lot of money on car repair bills.

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