How to Build Up Muscle

How to Build Up Muscle

The Average Joe

Many of us have watched enviously as muscled men and women parade themselves on TV in many commercials and infomercials. Average Joes simply die to get that kind of body fast. However, getting into those grow muscle like crazy commercials won’t usually suit the average person. Here are some of the things that the average person needs in order to build up muscle.


There is always danger in doing too much. Overtraining will never bring you the results you’re looking for. You may get the services of a trainer to help you formulate a routine for the first few weeks to get you started. Remember to consult your doctor before engaging in any type of workout especially if it’s your first time in a gym.

Strength Training

One of the first steps to build up muscle is to undergo strength training. You need to get stronger as you increase the amount of weight you lift. Your trainer may set you first at empty bars without weights just for you become acquainted with proper technique. As you gain strength you push your body to its limit and add a little more weight each workout.

Isolation and Compound Exercises

Doing isolation exercises will help you build muscle mass on specific areas. However, you should also do compound exercises as well once you’ve gained muscle mass and have gained base strength. You can start with exercises that build a group of muscles at the same time and work on isolation exercises after you’ve gained some experience and built a foundation. This is an important point for beginners and the average person to build up muscles properly. Remember to focus on full body workouts first – Isolation exercises much later.

Rest and Recovery

A lot of common folks don’t notice it but all the workouts that are done in the gym are only a part of the entire process to gain muscle mass. Beginners should start out with more time for recovery than workouts. This will help you avoid overtraining. Remember that your muscles grow when you rest and not during your workout. Focus on the intensity of your workout and not the length of time you spend in the gym.

Proper Diet

Getting enough R & R also includes getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water, and eating right. Eating right is an important ingredient to build up muscle. Take note that all your training will be useless if you don’t eat right and rest sufficiently. Quit eating food out of a box and start eating whole foods. Make sure to add a sufficient amount of proteins to your diet. You eat more and will gain weight, healthy weight since you’re gaining muscle mass not additional fat.