How to Repair Brakes

With the right tools and methods, you will learn how to repair brakes fairly easily. However, you need to follow the directions carefully.

How to Fix Auto Brakes

Required Tools and Materials
Lug nut remover
Hydraulic wrench
New pads and cylinder
An assistant

Step 1

Park your car and put the jack in place. Make sure the two front tires are set off the ground.

Step 2

Use the lug remover and the jack to take out the tires. Set the tire and lug nuts aside.

Step 3

Remove the brake pads and the cylinder. You can use the hydraulic wrench to take the fittings off. The cylinder has to be slid off too. If your car has drum brakes, remove the brake shoes and the brake cover. Block the brake so liquid doesn’t spill out.

Step 4

To learn how to repair brakes, you have to put in a new cylinder and new pads. Set the brake cylinder as far as you can. Bolt it tight.

Step 5

After you replace the tires, it may be necessary to bleed the brake. Ask your assistant to push the pedal in the auto until braking feels correct. The car brakes will now work.

How to Repair Mountain Bike Brakes

Step 1

Make sure the pads are touching the mountain bike rims. You can do this by checking the rear and front brakes. Squeeze the brake handles and look at the calipers. Make sure the caliper is touching the rim.

Step 2

Try adjusting the brakes on the bike. Adjustments can be made on the brake arms and the handlebars. Usually the knob is for major alignments. The handlebar is often used for fine tuning. Check the bike manual to be sure.

Step 3

The hex key can also be used to modify the brake pads as well. Keep tightening or loosening the brake arms until it is right.

Tips and Warnings

Make sure your bike brake cables are lubricated. You don’t need to use a tool; you just have to loose the locking hex. After the hex nuts are loosened, draw the cable out.

The cable should be lubricated. Once the cable is lubricated, you can reassemble the bike. The brakes should work out fine.

Whether you are trying to learn how to repair brakes for autos or bikes, make sure to read the manual first. Brakes can vary greatly, so make sure you use any repair methods specified in the manual.

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