How to Build Stamina

How to Build Stamina

Stamina determines how far you can go in terms of physical activities. Low stamina not only renders you out of breath when doing menial tasks but it can also make you feel lethargic and out of energy most of the time.

Keeping this in mind, you can take certain steps on building stamina so you will have more energy to do your physical activities as well as have more focus to complete your daily responsibilities.

How to Build Stamina

Before you can begin on an exercise regime that will help build up your stamina, you must first determine to have a healthy lifestyles. Two things that you need to seriously consider eliminating in your lifestyle are your vices and your poor eating habits.

With proper nutrition, you are already sapping your body’s energy. The right foods can boost your energy, not to mention your immune system; which in itself already helps build up your stamina.

Smoking and frequent alcohol intake are also substances that are not only addictive but they lower your immune system as well and can harm vital organs. The first step in building stamina is keeping a healthy body. Once you have undertaken these, you can now begin to plan your fitness regime for stamina build up.

Recommended Exercises

1. Brisk walking. Before you start on your running or jogging exercises, it is important that you help your body acclimatize to your new fitness routine. Walking is good but to increase your heart rate at a steady pace, brisk walking is recommended.

You can first start by getting yourself accustomed to walking short distances. If you’re used to driving around, perhaps you may want to consider walking to the store or parking a block off your destination every so often.

After you have gotten your body used to more walking that you were used to, you can start on your brisk walking exercises at least three times per week in the beginning.

2. Jogging or running. As your heart gets acclimatized to brisk walking, you can start jogging or running a few short distances. Again, as you get accustomed to running, you can add to your running distance a little at a time.

You have to do this gradually so as not to strain your muscles, your heart and your body. Remember that it is okay to push yourself but not to the point of over-exertion. This may lead to injuries.

3. Increase intimacy with your partner. Yes, intercourse is a form of exercise and the more often you do it, the more you increase your stamina. During intimacies, you use up all your muscles and your heart rate increases to keep up with the physical activity.

But as with any other form of exercise, do not over-exert yourself. Pacing and gradual increase in this activity are likewise recommended.