How to Repair an Inflatable Boat

Repairing an inflatable boat is quite easy to do as long as the correct materials are available and you pay attention to small details. Before you do any repairs, it is good to check if the inflatable boat is still under warranty. If yes, then you might have the privilege of getting it repaired for free or get a replacement for free as well. For tears or rips that are longer than one inch, you need to take the boat to a professional to be repaired. But for smaller holes, you can just do the repairs at home using the right materials.

How to Repair an Inflatable Boat

Repair materials and repair kits are readily available in the market today to be use in repairing an inflatable boat. Most inflatable boats are made of PVC and others are made of heavy duty textile that is coated with rubber, PVC, or Hypalon. You need to consider what type of material your inflatable boat is made of upon buying a repair kit.

Your success in repairing an inflatable boat is how well you are capable of following instructions stated in the repair kits. Do not take for granted the suggestions with regards to the climate conditions because if the weather is not right, then all the repairs that you will do will just end up as a failure. The materials that the inflatable boat is made of are highly reactive to the climate conditions around you. The right temperature when doing the repairs is between 64 degrees to 76 degrees and the humidity should be around 40 percent.

You need to deflate first the boat when you need to do some patching on an air leak. Using the right in applying the glue is essential in repairing an inflatable boat. The brush must have a natural, stiff, and short bristles.

Before applying the glue to the inflatable boat, you need to completely remove the old glue since new glue will never stick well over old glue. You can sand it, scrape it, or remove it using a solvent.

For leaks whose size is like that of a pinhole, sealing it without a patch is possible to.

When cutting patches, make the patch larger than the rip or tear by two to three inches on all sides. The patch material to be use in repairing an inflatable boat must be of similar materials that the boat is made of.

There is a new alternative in repairing an inflatable boat and that is to use a product called TuffCoat. You can try using this product and follow the instructions stated on how to use it. Once you are done with the repairs, it is best to perform some quick tests on it. Inflate the boat and rub it with a soapy mixture using a sponge or cloth. If there are tiny bubbles, it means that there are still some leaks on the boat that must be repaired.

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