How to Repair Hair Damage

Nice-looking hair can make people look good. However, damage can significantly affect the way it look, which can make it frizzy, brittle and dull. Furthermore, damaged hair is very hard to control. Although it is not possible to reverse completely the effects of the damage, its quality, strength and luster can somehow be restored. Be able to bring back that old nice glow by learning how to repair hair damage.

Materials Needed

Measuring its difficulty, this task can be classified as moderately challenging. However, things are easier if all the important materials are available including a whisk, an egg yolk and olive oil. Aside from these, it can help a lot to have silicone oil and vitamin E. Instead of using artificial products, it is better to treat damaged hair naturally.


According to hair experts, it is possible to repair hair by applying a conditioner made out of olive oil and an egg yolk. To make this homemade application, get a bowl and then pour in 2-tablespoons of olive oil and an egg yolk. Whisk until all the components are blended well. Put significant amounts in your hair, particularly on the ends. Let it stand for several minutes. Rinse you hair well first before you apply some shampoo.

Aside from this, it is also good to treat your hair with vitamin E. For a homemade treatment, get approximately 5 to 6 capsules and then open them. Mix the contents of the capsules with the shampoo. This treatment is guaranteed to make hair smooth, shiny and healthy. In addition to these treatments, you can boost the health of your hair by trimming it at least once a month. Aside from treating the damage, this practice can also lead to a faster growth for your hair.

When using a hairdryer, set it only to a cool or low-heat setting. The same also goes when using hair irons. Use conditioner and shampoo less frequently. People with damaged hair must condition and shampoo their hair only twice or thrice a week, which can actually repair the damage and prevent the hair from over-drying.

For those who love to swim, it is best to shampoo and rinse hair after swimming, especially if the water contains salt water or chlorine. These elements can lead to a more brittle hair. Patience and discipline are very important when treating damaged hair. It takes months before damaged hair can be treated completely.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Details

It is good to apply gloss or silicone oil to produce a naturally shiny hair. Instead of using a hairbrush, a comb is gentler to the hair. When treating hair damage, it is best to avoid heating tools like straightening irons, hot rollers and hairdryers. Likewise, try to avoid relaxing and hair color agents, as they too can also be very bad to the overall condition of your damaged hair.

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