How to Repair an Asphalt Roof

More than anything else, an asphalt roof is known for its durability. Aside from this, it is also an inexpensive alternative to other types of roofing systems. Furthermore, many people find this type of roof easier to install. Despite these benefits, it is still subject to significant damages due to thermal shock, attic ventilation as well as many other factors. In addition, it can also succumb to wind damage, cupping and cracking. For a chance to solve these problems, it is good to know how to repair an asphalt roof.

Materials Needed

Before starting with this task, you may want to gather a few materials first to get you going. These include roofing cement, asphalt shingles and a pry bar. Aside from these, you must also have roofing nails and a hammer.


Start by checking out for damages. Count the number of shingles that need to be replaced. Likewise, check out for different signs like cracked shingles, leaking and warped shingles. Remove the old nails of the damaged shingles using the pry bar. You also need to check the upper two rows of each damaged part, which may also contain damages and rotting underneath them.

Work on one shingle at a time. When the nail is removed, slowly pull the damaged shingle off its base. It is good to double-check for unnoticed nails in case the shingle is still hard to remove. For relatively smaller damages, it is possible to change only the damaged part. Cut out the damage section of each shingle and then replace it with a tin snip. Attach it using roofing cement.

The replacement must be aligned with the other shingles. Aside from the roofing cement, you must add a nail for each replacement to ensure a more durable result. Instead of making new holes for the new nails, you can instead hammer them through the old holes in order to make things easier. Put a dot of roofing cement on top of each nail. Meanwhile, the old holes must be filled with cement to prevent the possibility of leaks.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

The replacement shingles must be the same as the original ones to create a uniform appearance. Try to consider buying shingles with the same lifespan, texture, color and thickness. When the roof is damp, do not push through with this task. Instead, reschedule it for another time because this condition can actually cause undesirable consequences. When large areas are to be replaced, it is advisable to start from the rows on top. While working on this, you can protect your hands all the time by wearing safety gloves.

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