How to Build Garage Cabinets

Before you build garage cabinets, you have to determine what items you want to put there. This will help you decide how big the cabinet will be.

Required Tools and Materials

Sander (optional)
Stain or paint
Protective eyewear
Nails or screws
Door hardware

Step 1

No matter what the cabinet dimensions are, make the cabinet at least two inches deeper than the depth of the item you will put there. For the length, it should be 6 inches longer than the item. The width should also be sufficient for all the items you will be putting in it. Decide too if you want to add some shelves.

Step 2

You can begin to build garage cabinets by cutting the wood boards to size. You should end up with a top, bottom, two sides and the back.

Step 3

Cut the shelves to size if you decided to build them. If you drew up a plan for the cabinet, use it as a guide.

Step 4

Use the screws or nails to join the shelves on the storage cabinet’s rear. Put the supports on, if needed.

Step 5

Set the bottom on the workspace. Drill in holes to put in the screws or hammer in nails to connect the back. Use the same procedure to secure the sides and the top.

Step 6

Saw a piece you will use as the door. You can cut two small doors or one large door. When the door has been cut, join it to the cabinet. Use the door hardware to attach it to the cabinet. Secure the knobs on the doors.

Step 7

Take some thin strips. Use them to make top and bottom edgings for the cabinet. Apply the appropriate hardware for your door.

Step 8

Nail or screw the legs onto the cabinet. Sand the cabinet if you want. You can use a power sander to quicken the process.

Step 9

Stain or paint the cabinet if you want. Apply the color you like. You can put as many coatings as you like. However, two ought to be sufficient.

Tips and Warnings

Weatherproof the cabinet, because it may be exposed to various weather elements. Aside from shelves, you can use pegs or hooks.

If you want to build garage cabinets but not sure how to proceed, you can download designs off the Net. There are also pre-made plans for sale. You can use these as templates to make building easier.

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