How to Repair a Windshield

How to Repair a Windshield

The windshield is basically made from highly durable laminated safety glass, which is designed to withstand severe impact caused by strong winds and many other elements. However, it can easily be damaged by wayward debris such as stones and broken tree branches. Help solve these kinds of damages by knowing how to repair a windshield.

Materials Needed

You can make this task easier by preparing a number of important materials. Before you start with this very easy job, buy a windshield repair kit at your local hardware store. In case there is none, try to look for one in any automotive parts supplier near you. Aside from this, you will also need an unused lint-free cloth as well as a glass cleaner.


Check the extent of the damage and then clean it as well as the surrounding areas using the lint-free cloth and glass cleaner. It is hard to fix the damage when there is dirt and dust because this makes the resin harder to use. These elements can actually prevent the resin from bonding properly.

Get the rag and then place it underneath the area you are currently fixing. Be sure that none of the resin and broken glasses can fall directly into the car paint, which can eventually damage and affect how your car looks. Inside the repair kit, you can find an adhesive disc. Take off its backing and then push it right onto the damaged area.

Go back to the repair kit and then get the pedestal, which you need to apply the resin into the chip. On the opposite side of the disc, remove the other backing. Be sure that the pedestal falls in line with the hole and the disc. Remove the cap from the syringe containing the resin. Its nozzle must be placed into the pedestal. You can remove the air as you pull the plunger and then push the plunger down to force the resin into broken part. Do this step approximately 10 times until the crack is filled.

Finish this job by letting the resin dry. Once this happens, you can now remove the apparatus. It is enough to leave it for about 30 minutes under direct sunlight.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

Pulling the plunger up is an important part of the process, which actually removes the air from the damage. Resin does not work well if there is lots of air in the crack. Be careful when pushing the apparatus into the windshield because pushing too much can damage the glass even more.