How to Repair a Wetsuit

How to Repair a Wetsuit

If your wetsuit was damaged, pierced, or ripped, it is a necessity to repair your wetsuit immediately. There are instances that even if your wetsuit is already damaged, it still continue to work for you finely. However, you have to take into consideration that since it is already damaged, there is the high risk that the damaged part will deteriorate if you continue to use it without repairing.

Options to Repair Your Wetsuit

The first option is to take your wetsuit to a specialist and it will definitely cost you several dollars and you will have to wait for a few days before you can take your wetsuit back home.

The second option is to repair your wetsuit at home by doing it yourself. The simple task will just take five minutes to finish and the method is very easy to follow. And you will definitely save several dollars from the repair.


You don’t need any patches to repair your wetsuit. You will need a clean cloth because you need to clean your wetsuit and make the surface of the damaged area even and visible. You will also need some neoprene glue for the repair. For ripped lycra vest, a Stormsure Glue must be used instead of a neoprene glue.

How to Repair Your Wetsuit

1. You have to fold the wetsuit to make the damaged area as well as the two sides of the cut that are to be glued together will become visible.

2. Spread a thin layer of the neoprene glue on each side of the rip then wait for at least one minute after the application.

3. After a minute, attach the two sides of the cut together. Maintain the pressure as well as the position of the damaged area of the wetsuit for about two minutes.

4. Let the glued area get dry for about two to three minutes and after that, you are already ready to get yourself back into the water because you are done to repair your wetsuit.

Caring Tips

When not in use, always keep your wetsuit in a place where it is away from the sun and heat.

Do not fold your wetsuit then leave it that way for some time because it will cause the neoprene glue on the damaged area to get cracked. It would be best to just hung your wetsuit rather than fold it.

Each time you are done using your wetsuit, do not forget to rinse it thoroughly using clear water. Then leave it hanging in your bathroom to get dry.

Every now and then, use a wetsuit shampoo in cleaning your wetsuit to take out the bad smell, bacteria, and viruses.