How to Repair a Scratch on Your Car

A scratch, especially a deep one, can easily make a car look bad. Somehow, it loses a significant amount of value when compared to vehicles without scratches. Acquiring professional service is costly considering the relatively low amount of damage involved. For a chance to fix this kind of problem without spending too much, it is good to know how to repair a scratch on your car.

Materials Needed

Repairing a scratch is not that hard to do, specifically if the scratches involved are not too deep. However, the amount of work is not that big as well in case the scratches are deep. The important materials include cotton cloth, car-wash liquid and the VIN number of your car. Aside from these, you will also need touch-up paint, a primer, a paintbrush and grit sandpaper. You can instantly remove the scratch from your car if you have these materials.


Check the registration or your car and then locate its VIN number. Write it down and then bring it with you when you purchase some paint from retail stores. This can actually help you find the appropriate and matching color of paint for your car. Instead of buying regular paint, it is better to use a spray paint because it is easier to apply. Furthermore, it dries up quicker compared to the result of ordinary paint and a brush.

Get a pail and then mix in some of your car-wash liquid. Use it to clean the scratch. Dip a clean dry cloth right into the liquid and then wipe the dirt off the scratch as well as the surrounding areas. After washing, get the sandpaper and then use it on the damaged area. To remove the dust from the sanding, get a small paintbrush and then gently dust off the remaining dirt. Use the sandpaper once again, this time to remove the remaining bumps.

Once the sanding process is complete and the surface it already smooth, get the primer and then spray it evenly right onto the scratch. Allow the primer to dry up overnight. The following day, get the car paint and the spray it evenly on the surface of the damaged area. Let it dry overnight before you use it.

In case you want to improve the shine of the newly repaired surface of your car, apply some car wax on it. Buff it and then you are good to go and use your newly repaired car. Not only can the wax make your car shine, but it also protects your car from the dirt, dust and changing weather conditions.

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