How to Build Small Horse Barns

If you’re going to build a small horse barn, planning is of the essence. You have to decide first if you want to make a barn from scratch or get a pre-built barn kit.

Required Tools and Materials

Wood lumber
Barn kit (optional)

Step 1

Use a computer or sketch paper and draw the barn. The basic barn is rectangle and has a double sloped roof. If you want to use a gable roof, indicate it in your sketch. There are two basic designs. One consists of a single floor with a loft for hay. The other is a four sided structure affixed with a sloped roof.

Step 2

Before you build a small horse barn, decide how many stalls you want to include. One stall per horse is ideal; the ideal size is 14 ft wide by 14 feet deep.

Step 3

If you purchased a barn kit, just follow the guidelines. Usually you need to lay down the foundation by digging a hole and pouring cement there. When it’s dry you can set up the barn kit. If you’re making the barn, start by cutting and nailing the frames and supports.

For convenience, put the horse stall on one side. One side should be set aside for the storage. Cut the lumber to the right lengths. Nail or screw them.

Step 4

Refer to your blueprint for the entrance and exit dimensions. Make sure they are big enough for the horse. Cut the wood lumber to the proper length and height.

Step 5

When you build a small horse barn, you need to keep some basic standard design concepts in mind. For example, you should set the stall 5 inches higher than the rest of the area. This will make it easier to clean the site.

Use dirt floor rather than cement. If you’re making more than one stall, make a partition that extends from floor to ceiling.

Step 6

After you build the stall, make a small fence with a latched door. Fasten this to the stall. Make sure it’s big enough for you and the horse to emerge from.

Step 7

After you build a small horse barn, create a table to store the buckets for water. Or you can just set aside space for the buckets and the grain. If there’s space, consider making another room for the hay.

Step 8

Mark the points where you want to install the windows. Cut them and install the screens. Nail the screens. The windows should be set high. Also keep in mind that ventilation is the most important thing.


Set aside space for grooming and shoeing. Even if it’s just for one horse, providing it with as much space as possible is recommended. When making barn, you should look for a place that has plenty of light and air.

Trying to build a small horse barn is no easy task. But making one will provide your horse with a home and protect it from extreme weather and other hazards.

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