How to Repair a Rear Defroster

The rear defroster of your car can experience some electrical flow disruptions and get damaged as well since it is only painted on the back glass. One indicator that you need to repair the rear defroster of your car is that you will see frost patches on the back glass.

How to Repair the Rear Defroster

Inspect the fuse that can be found inside the fuse box to the direction of the rear defroster unit of the car. You need to use a voltmeter in order to check if the two sides of the fuse shows some adequate reading. When the voltmeter doesn’t show any reading then it is necessary to get a replacement for the fuse to repair the rear defroster.

Inspect if the terminals of the rear defroster grid are broken. These terminals are commonly found at the top portion of the grid and occasionally on the bottom part. If you can see that the terminals are broken then you can use a glue to stick them back together. Make sure that the broken parts of the terminals are glued together solidly to retain the continuity of the connection. You can also consult your car manual with regards to the wiring diagram of the vehicle.

Inspect the switch if it needs a new replacement to repair the rear defroster. Find the wires that are plugged into the back portion of the rear defroster switch. With the fuse connected properly, you need to disconnect the wires that are attached to the switch and feel the ends of the wires. You can hold the wires together in your hand for two or more seconds and the rear defroster should not function while you are holding together the wires.

Inspect the wires of the rear defroster located beneath the dashboard of the car as well as the grid on the back glass for any breaks. If you found some breaks on the wires however the ends are still complete, you can repair the rear defroster by putting some glue on the broken sections and connect them back like they were before they got broken.

If the grid of the rear defroster has a missing piece, then you need to purchase a rear defroster repair kit that are usually found in any retailer of auto parts. The repair kit usually has a conductive paint included in the package. Use an alcohol to clean the area of the missing piece and lay on the conductive paint to repair the rear defroster. Let the painted area get dry for about 24 hours before the rear defroster can be use again.

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