How to Repair a Plastic Planter

How to Repair a Plastic Planter

Also called a jardinière, a planter is a pot or a box used to plant decorative flora. The pot can be made from various materials like plastic. A plastic planter is more durable and can last for a long time. To save money, you can also repair the planter. To know more about this task, it is best to learn how to repair a plastic planter easily and efficiently. By following the simple procedures below, you can save huge amount of money because you do not have to buy a new planter.

Materials Needed

To repair the planter, there are some materials that you will find very useful. You need a plastic welder and welding rods. In addition to these, you also need a stainless steel mesh and a fiber flex welding rod.


The first step is to set up your work area. Make sure that the area is well ventilated and clean. Afterwards, identify the type of plastic used in the pot. If you are having problems identifying the plastic, you can ask the supplier of the pot or you can go to the home improvement store where you purchase the item.

As soon as you identify the plastic used in the planter, you need to be sure that the metal rod to be used is suitable with the materials used in the plastic planter. Preheat the plastic welder for several minutes. While heating the welder, you need to clean the parts of the planter. Use water and soap when cleaning the planter.

After cleaning the parts, get a towel and dry the parts to be fixed. Check if there are cracks in the planter. Secure the cracks with a tape until you are ready to weld the planter.

Place the welder’s edge along the crack. Melt the welding rod to fill the crack. Be patient and fill the crack an inch or two inches at a time. Let the welded part cool down for several minutes. When the welded part is cool, you need to get a sand paper. Sand the welded part to make the planter look new. To improve the appearance of the pot, you can paint it with a new color.

Learning how to repair a plastic planter is very easy. In times of crisis, repairing or fixing a planter is better than replacing it with a new one. To avoid having problems and delays, it is best that you gather and prepare all the needed materials before starting the project.