How to Build a Log Cabin

How to Build a Log Cabin

To build a log cabin, you should prepare the following materials and tools. You’ll also need plenty of help from friends or hired hands.

Required Tools and Materials

Nails and screws
Roof components
Sketch paper

Design the Log Cabin

A detailed drawing will be needed. The design should include the measurements (height, width and depth). When you have the dimensions set, you’ll be able to determine the lumbers, nails etc. that will be needed. This is absolutely vital, so don’t neglect this aspect.

Choosing the Right Area

People who build a log cabin of course prefer a "natural" scenery. However you need to check the paperwork. Some sites may require permits or limitations on the size of cabins that can be built. Ensure the paperwork is complete before proceeding to the construction.

Make the Postholes

Dig holes for the posts at least a foot deep. Put the logs in the holes you made. Pour concrete in the gaps around the holes. Allow it to dry.

Note: you need the detailed drawing by your side. Refer to it always when sizing up the lumbers and making other measurements.
Make the Floor Boards

When the cement has dried, add the beams. You can add some joists if you want. Make sure the floor boards are all of equal length. Put the floor boards on the beams. When you build a log cabin, make sure the floors are nailed securely.

Make the Log Cabin Walls

With your friends, gather the logs that will make up the walls. Add dents in the logs so they can fit in more easily. Work on one section at a time. Make sure there is no space between the walls. Add beams around the logs to fortify it.

Note: if you are going to install a second floor, add joists at the top of the walls. Put on the floor boards as you did earlier.

Make the Log Cabin Roof

Begin by assembling the gables. When you are done, add the ridge pole. Put some shins to fortify the roof. Add some plywood on top of it. Get help in assembling and putting the roof in place.

Make the Windows and Door

To build a log cabin door, you can create one using the lumber. Put on the locks and hinges. Screw the nails on. For the windows, draw a line around the point where the window frame will be. Saw along these lines. Add the window frames. When it’s finished, you can add the furniture inside.

Tips and Warnings

Constructing a log cabin will take time. Planning is as important as the actual building. Cost is always an issue, but beware; using low quality material will affect the finished product. You could easily end up spending more money by making repairs.

There’s no denying the fact you need time, money and resources to build a log cabin. But if you persevere, the reward will be a vacation home / retreat that can be truly called your own.