How to Repair a Leaking Roof

Fixing a roof leak is either a simple patch up work or a replacement. The scope of work involved in how to repair a leaking roof depends on the extent of damage. With replacement, the entire sheet where the damage is on is replaced. Here are more tips on how to repair a leaking roof.

Simple Patch Up Work

Before fixing a roof leak, make certain the nature of the damage. Is it reparable or does it need replacement? For simple punctures, tears, or rips, simple repair work will suffice. Climb up the roof and look for these damages and apply a water-proof ready to apply sealant. Such sealants are easy to apply and the best option for simple ways on how to repair a leaking roof. Just put enough of the thick paste on the damage, pat even, and allow at least half a day to dry. Some sealants are quick-dry.

When the sealant is newly applied, avoid stepping on it or the areas immediately around it. This is true even with quick-dry types. Avoid any way that a displacement would occur, damaging the quality of the patch up work when dried up. Any displacement might allow air to pass through and create a bubble or hallow space inside the applied paste. Water can easily seep through and reproduce the damage. This is an important tip on how to repair a leaking roof.

Tracing a Leak

When a leak occurs, note where it comes from. Some simply drip from the ceiling. This is a more promising scenario. It probably needs a mere patch up work. But when the leak gushes from a wall, it might need a major repair or replacement. In some cases, it even needs a wall and roof repair.

When fixing a roof leak, first, open the ceiling boards where the leak occurs. With the aid of a flash light, see where the source of the leak is really coming from. During the day, punctures or cracks on the roof will let sunlight in and can easily be detected in a dark ceiling. Mark the holes or cracks by inserting wires or nails through, making sure they stick out at the other side. Then climb up the roof and see where the wires or nails protrude and apply the sealant accordingly. This is a basic technique on how to repair a leaking roof.

However, there are cases when no punctures or cracks are evident. In this case, a little hard work is needed. Have somebody pour water on the roof part where leak is suspected to come from. Then check the open ceiling for any drippings. Or, have a water hose on the roof continuously pouring water.

Complex Repair and Replacement

If the leak involves a roof replacement and/or a wall repair, seek professional help. Self-help in this case might just make matters worse.

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