How to Repair a Grandfather Clock

It has to be stated right away that in some cases, repairing a grandfather clock may require professional help. But before you call for assistance, try the following solutions to see if it’ll solve the problem.

Fixing Grandfather Clock Problems

Required Tools and Materials


Fixing a Slow Grandfather Clock

Try to fix the weights. Most grandfather clocks have a right and left weight and others a center weight too. Position the weights properly to see if it’ll help the clock run.

If it’s still slow, set the pendulum bob towards the shaft. Do the exact opposite if the clock is moving too fast. You’ll need to utilize a screwdriver to loosen the bob.

Stuck Pendulum and Moon Dial Problems

If the pendulum is stuck, open the glass and disentangle the clock hands. Be certain the weights are pulled up. If you’re repairing a grandfather clock’s moon dial, start by checking the phase. Open the glass and push gently on the dial. Turn it slowly to the current phase.

Ways to Clean a Grandfather Clock

Sometimes all a grandfather clock needs is a bit of cleaning. You may use the following procedure.

Required Tools and Materials

Three soft cloths
Wood polish
Glass cleaner (no ammonia)
Feather duster
A helper

Step 1

To make cleaning easier, move the clock some distance from the wall. You’ll need someone to help you here.

Step 2

Use the cloth to remove dust from the clock. For dust, use the feather duster. Dust the glass carefully to avoid scratching it. When cleaning and repairing a grandfather clock, you need to be careful about hitting the pendulum.

Step 3

When dusting is finished, you’ll need to apply some polish. Get a soft cloth and put some wood polish on it. Refer to the wood polish’s instructions for specific info on how it is to be applied. Generally however, you apply the polish in a circular manner. When cleaning grandfather clocks, always begin from the top.

Step 4

Get rid of the cloth you used for putting on the polish. Grab another clean piece of cloth. Take off the wax you applied. Remove them by wiping the cloth in a circular manner. Work from the top and proceed downwards.

Step 5

You’re almost finished cleaning and repairing a grandfather clock. Get another clean cloth and spray a bit of the glass cleaner on it. Wipe the glass surface. Follow any other directions on the glass cleaner.

Tips and Warnings

It is best if the clock is not moved around too much. This may have an adverse effect on the pendulum. You should also avoid moving the clock alone; you might end up banging it against the wall.

If the damage is extensive, have a professional look into it. However you should do some shopping around first. Depending on the extent of the damage, the cost may run into the thousands of dollars.

Repairing a grandfather clock requires patience and careful handling on your part. If the problem isn’t too severe, chances are you can fix it yourself.

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