How to Fix a TV

Because repairs can set you back quite a bit, it is better to learn how to fix a TV. The fact of the matter is many of the problems with TV sets are relatively easy to repair.

Required Tools and Materials

Screwdrivers (different sizes)
TV owner’s manual
Magnetic coil
Replacement parts, if needed

Getting Rid of Splotches

These will show up when the television is magnetized (i.e., magnet is run across the screen). You can eliminate the splotches with a magnetic coil.

Place the magnetic coil at the upper right section of the screen. Start moving the coil in circles. As you slowly back out from the TV, increase the circles until they equal the size of the screen. Keep this up until magnetic contact dissipates.

How to Fix a TV with Distorted Images

Grab the cable (this is at the cable box). Move the cable in circles and check if the image improves. If the distortion vanishes, turn the set off. Unplug the cable. Use the screwdriver to plug it in more tightly. If the picture doesn’t improve after tightening, the cable is damaged. You need to buy a new one.

How to Install New Components

Sometimes you have to install replacement parts to repair a TV. The following guide will show you how it is done.

Step 1

Put on rubber gloves to protect your hands. Turn the television off. Unplug the outlet from the wall.

Step 2

Place the TV facing down. Make sure the surface you set the TV on is level and soft.

Step 3

Use the screwdriver to unfasten the rear of the TV. The components –the speakers, electronics, tube, etc- will be visible. TVs have different components; use your TV manual as a guide.

Step 4

Install the new component. Check your manual for instructions on how to install it. The replacement part may also have instructions. Once the components are installed, screw the back of the TV on.

Step 5

Plug the TV into an outlet. Turn it on. If the components were installed properly, the TV should work fine.

Tips and Warnings

Do not attempt to repair the TV if it was damaged by rain or flooding. Do not plug a wet TV into an electronic outlet. This could lead to short circuits or a fire.

Anyone who wants to know how to fix a TV should get only quality parts. Make sure that the parts are new. Do not purchase used components.

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