How to Repair a Copper Pipe

Copper pipes will burst when exposed to freezing temperatures and will corrode and leak overtime. A lot of people will simply think of replacing the entire broken pipe as a quick solution. However, if the leak or damage is about a pinhole or perhaps less than an inch then there are certain things you can do to repair a copper pipe. You would even save some money by doing such simple repairs instead of buying an entire pipe as a replacement.

Materials and Equipment

You will need the following things in order to repair a copper pipe: tubing cutter, fittings, and a matching pipe replacement. As a reminder, always wear protective gear when working on your pipes.

Steps to Repair a Copper Pipe

The first thing you need to do to repair a copper pipe is to locate where the damaged pipe is located. Everything will be a lot easier if the broken pipe is located in a visible area. However, you can also have broken or damaged pipes running into your walls or ceilings. Some construction experience is called for when broken pipes are located in such area since you will have to tear open ceilings and walls.

Once you have located where the leak is at you should turn off your home’s water supply. You should also drain all the water left in the pipes by opening faucets and other valves. Depending on how much water is stored in your piping system, draining the water can take a minute or even a few minutes longer.

The next step to repair a copper pipe is to cut off the section of the pipe that was damaged. After cutting off the damaged section you should measure it. After that cut a piece from the replacement pipe exactly the same length of the section of damaged pipe you removed. Take note that when you cut off a length of the replacement tubing you should include some clearance for its couplings.

It is recommended that you use Sharkbite fittings when you attach your replacement tubing. This type of fitting is easier to connect since it will not require any soldering or heating. You just have to slip it over a pipe to attach get it attached. This type of pipe fitting is available in many popular hardware stores.

Now that you have your replacement pipe secured it is now time to turn off all the valves and faucets you opened up earlier to let the water out. Finally, the last step to repair a copper pipe is to turn on the water in your home to check for any leaks.

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