How to Build a Jet Engine

A jet engine is a complex piece of machinery, but you can make one in your backyard. If you want to build a jet engine, you have to procure the following equipment.

Required Tools and Materials

Ignition system
High pressure hose
1 1/4 inch steel conduit
2 inch pipe and fittings

Step 1

Check if the components you bought have to be machined. This may be required to make smooth fits. Make sure you don’t fit the parts too tight. This will ensure the components will not disintegrate.

Step 2

Get your drill. Use it to make a hole in the combustion chamber. This will be the spark for the ignition system. Make certain to make just enough space. Creating too much space will cause a lot of flames to come out. This may lead to injury.

Step 3

If you want to use an electrical ignition method, you have to make a second hole in the flame holder. The electrical ignition technique is used to make an arc at the combustion chamber.

Step 4

Pierce the flame tube as you build a jet engine. This will allow you to maximize the turbulence. This will also lead to quicker flame

Step 5

Now you can put the jet engine to the test. Do this by configuring an air supply in the hose. Put the fuel into the chamber. Set up the ignition system so the ignition chamber will spark. Note that this will utilize the hole you just drilled.

Step 6

Turn on the ignition. The engine ought to work.

Tips and Warnings

Be certain you have an adequate workspace. You also need to have proper ventilation when working.

Parts of a Jet Engine

The most important components are the exhaust, the combustion, compression and intake. The intake takes place on the engine front. This goes into the nacelle and hits the compressor blades. This causes the blades to turn. It will suck in more air. The narrow blades will compact the air.

The compressed air goes into a fuel injected chamber. The air will function as oxygen and burn the fuel. The engine gets the air and forces it out (exhaust).

The air is combined with the fuel and is burned at the turbine. This is forced out in the engine. Time ignition sequence is not used; instead, the fuel is burned nonstop. That is why these vehicles can burn low octane fuel.

Be careful when you build a jet engine. The combustion engines rely on controlled explosions. Observe all the safety precautions when putting the jet engine together.

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