How to Put Up Wallpaper

An interesting home improvement project is installing wallpapers. This will definitely change the look of your home without too much effort and too much money involved. If you think a space or room around the house is becoming a bore and you want it changed, you can seek help from wallpapers to make it lively. The only skill you need to have to accomplish this project is how to put up wallpaper, which is not really a difficult task. Here is a guideline:

Step 1: Shop for your wallpapers. There is a wide array of wallpaper designs to choose from. It is impossible not to find one that fits your taste perfectly. Wallpapers are usually sold in a bunch in specific measurements. Ask help from the store staff to assess how much wallpaper you will need for your space.

Step 2: Prepare the necessary materials for this project. You will need pencil, scissors, tape measure, brush, paste, steel ruler, and trimming knife.

Step 3: Clean your walls. You must ensure that your wall is smooth enough so the adhesives may work. Sand your wall if necessary.

Step 4: Make accurate measurements. This is crucial to the outcome of your project. You must measure the space you are putting the wallpapers on with a tape measure. Remember to make allowances on the top and bottom. Allow four inches to trim in those areas. In every corner, make a plumb line. A plumb line is a measurement that will act as your guide; it is where the first two strips of wallpapers should meet.

Step 5: Mark all your measurements using a pencil. You can assess how many strips of wallpapers you will need by marking the places where each strip must be placed. It also makes the job easier in a sense that you will only need to paste and hang afterwards.

Step 6: Cut your wallpapers. After making the measurements, you can start cutting your wallpapers according to their places on your wall.

Step 7: Put a thin coat of paste onto your wallpapers using a brush. Put the wallpaper on a flat surface, the patterns face down. Then apply the paste according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Some wallpaper is prepasted. Always check the package directions for instructions.

Step 8: Hang the wallpaper on the wall. This is the last step on this how to put up wallpaper guide. Remember to press the strip gently or smoothen the wall as soon as you have mounted the wallpaper. This will help the adhesive to work more efficiently.

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